Grinding machine for ring raceway
Grinding machine for ring raceway
  • Grinding machine for ring raceway
  • Grinding machine for ring raceway

Grinding machine for ring raceway

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Grinding Machine for tapered roller bearing ring raceway features:

1. The machine tool is single-station machined, and the number of workpieces is small, which helps to improve the accuracy of its products. Different process parameters can be selected for coarse and fine.

2. Oscillating reciprocating adopts cam mechanism, simple and reliable, low lattice rate, frequency control, super-precision cross fork roller guide rail.

3. Workpiece shaft adopts sleeve type spindle, frequency control, easy to replace and adjust.

4. Whetstone has automatic compensation function, high utilization rate of oil stone and convenient operation.

5. The coolant adopts the magnetic separator and the wire wound filter to have good filtering effect and convenient cleaning. The hydraulic components are imported from Taiwan, and the main electrical components are made by the Japanese Mitsubishi system.

6. The machine tool is the result of independent research and development through the long-term operation and optimization of the workshop. It is a practical and delicacy machine for the cone bearing industry.

Processing rangeDiameter(mm)Ф40~Ф100Ф28~Ф70
Spindle speed(r/min)30003000
Oscillation frequency(r/min)600600
Oscillation frequency(mm)0~150~15
Processing time(s)5~105~10
Processing workpiece angle0~30o0~25o
Roundness improvement rate≧ 15%≧ 15%
Total motor power率(KW)33
Mainframe exterior size1600X1200X15001600X1200X1500
General machine tool.(T)2.52.5