First meeting of ISO/IEC intelligent manufacturing standard working group

In order to coordinate the intelligent manufacturing standardization work, IEC and ISO are responsible for the top-level strategy of intelligent manufacturing technology coordination organizations IEC/SEG7 (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Evaluation Group) and ISO/SMCC (Intelligent Manufacturing Coordinating Committee) to establish WG1 "Joint Working Group of Intelligent Manufacturing Standards”, the first meeting was held in Berlin, Germany, on March 7-8, 2018.


Sixteen experts from Germany, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain and other countries attended the meeting or participated in the discussion through online meetings. Dr. Ding Lu, deputy director of the Standards and Testing Center of the Institute of Instrumental Technology, Integrated Technology and Economics of the Ministry of Machinery Industry (referred to as the Instrument Institute), attended the meeting.

The Joint Working Group on Intelligent Manufacturing Standards was formally established in February 2018. At present, 38 experts from 11 countries have participated in the project.The aim is to form an intelligent manufacturing standard system by sorting out relevant standards and definitions for smart manufacturing. The meeting mainly introduced the background of the establishment of the working group and the progress of IEC/SEG7 and ISO/SMCC, and then based on the existing achievements of IEC/SEG7, ISO/SMCC, IEC/TC65, ISO/TC184 and other standardization organizations. The basic structure and data source of intelligent manufacturing standard graph had been discussed, and the next work plan and important node are clarified.The first version of the intelligent manufacturing standard is expected to be released as a technical report by early 2019.

As a deputy head unit of the national intelligent manufacturing standardization group and as a secretariat unit of the Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 Standardization Working Group, the Institute serves as a long-term tracker and participant in the international standardization related to smart manufacturing.The Instrument Institute also participates in the intelligent manufacturing reference model and framework,the system architecture, standard system and other standardized top-level design. At the meeting, Dr. Ding Lu proposed the dimensional division of intelligent manufacturing standards as a representative of Chinese experts and successfully included China's system architecture into the important components of the intelligent manufacturing standard map. The results have played an important role in integrating intelligent manufacturing international standards and upgrading our country's initiative and influence in the international level of intelligent manufacturing.